Bow Ties

    United States Military Tribute Capsule Collection

    Lord Wallington was born in San Diego, the birthplace of California and naval aviation. It is the home to the majority of the U.S. Pacific Fleet's surface combatants, all of the Navy's West Coast amphibious ships and a variety of Coast Guard and Military Sealift Command vessels. So it is at no surprise that Lord Wallington, whose founder and designer is a US Navy veteran himself, presents to you this US Military Tribute Collection.


  • The Passageway The Passageway
  • The GQ The GQ
  • The Pedro The Pedro
  • The Flag The Flag
  • The Pacific The Pacific
  • The Apra The Apra
  • The Semper Fi The Semper Fi
  • The CVN The CVN
  • The Officer The Officer

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